Bus Travel

There are currently 4 bus routes that service our school. They are operated by Reilly’s of Geelong


In the mornings students are asked to be ready at least 3 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.
If the bus has arrived on time, waited three minutes and had no communication with the parent or guardian, the bus driver will move on to the next pick up point.
If unexpectedly a student will not be attending school, parents are to contact the bus driver’s mobile phone as soon as possible.


In the afternoons, if there is no adult to meet the student and alternative arrangements have not been approved by the school, the drivers will wait three minutes after the designated time at the usual set down point. The bus will then continue on with the normal run. Parents can contact the bus and arrange to meet it en route to collect children. If no contact occurs between parents and the bus prior to the end of the run, bus staff will then contact the student’s emergency contact phone numbers regarding supervision of the student.

The onus is on parents to contact the school before 2.45pm if they are unable to be present at the designated set down time.


Behaviour on buses is monitored regularly. Teachers and parents are responsible for encouraging children to behave safely when waiting, boarding, travelling on, or departing on buses. It is essential that good behaviour occurs at all times to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone.


The Following behaviours won’t be accepted.

1. Taking dangerous items onto the bus
2. Throwing items around or from the bus
3. Moving about the bus while it is travelling
4. Using abusive or offensive language eg swearing, name calling, taunting or language that is sexually explicit or offensive
5. Bullying or interference with any other student


Where the Bus drivers have reported an incident, normally a warning would be given to curb poor behaviour.


The Bus Company reserves the right to remove any child temporarily from the bus if behaviour does not improve.


Students are required to:

  • stand well clear of the bus at the bus pick up point
  • wait for the bus to depart
  • Using sensible behaviour so as not to distract the driver
  • Ensure they remain in their seat and keep their safety belt fastened at all times during the journey.
  • Obey Bus staff requests/directions


School Policy when Student will not be on the bus:


1. Contact appropriate bus/drivers ( Before and after school hours)
2. Contact school ( During school hours)





0439 201 003

Evan Savage/ Peter Lucas


0409 527 016

Keith Duke / Russell Collins


0439 201 004

Sally Rooke / Christine Dunkley


0438 213 837

Belinda Rohan/Alex Macdonald



Parents are to inform bus drivers/school when the student is to resume bus travel. Any change of travel arrangements should be conveyed by phone or note. No child will be permitted to get on/off at a different stop without the express approval of the principal.

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