School Values

The schools core values are Respect, Teamwork and Persistence. However, as a learning environment in this country the school also upholds the values of achievement, excellence, curiosity, respect and responsibility, perseverance, integrity, inclusiveness, respect for diversity, honesty and equity. Sitting at the centre of its work, the school believes in high expectations in all students and a commitment to acknowledging effort in learning and achievement.


The programs of, and teaching in, the school will support and promote the principles and practices of Australian democracy including a commitment to:


An elected government.
The rule of law.
Equal rights for all before the law.
Freedom of religion.
Freedom of speech and association.
The values of openness and tolerance.


Staff at this school see the link between home and school as being very important and, for this reason, parents are encouraged to visit regularly and participate in any programs, information sessions and activities held at or by the school. Supporting and knowing the place your child attends for their education is a very important aspect of enabling your son or daughter to achieve success at school.


See our Statement of Values here.

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