Parent Payments

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Hampden Specialist School do not request curriculum contributions but we do offer an extensive range of extra-curricular programs where payment will be requested. Some of these are listed below:




Later Years

Shopping / Cooking     $5

Individual arrangements operate for students accessing tech programs that coincide with out of school programs.


Middle Years


Each student will swim every week on Fridays in Terms 1 and 4. Swimming will be based at Cobden Indoor Pool. All Middle Years students will eat out once per Term.

Cooking                              $3.50

Swimming                          $5.00          Term 1 and 4

Eating Out                          $10.00        Once a Term

Winter Sports Program        $7.00

Payment can be made weekly or if preferred contact school for term cost.





Social Program                   $12.50       Terms 1 and 2

Winter Sports Program        $12.50       Term 3

Payment can be made weekly or if preferred contact school for term cost.


The above activities are a guide, and may change.


Swimming/Social Program:  See below for details.


Sports/Social Program: Alternative program to swimming in Term 3 where students are experience a variety of sports and subsequent skills, as well as community dining which may occur every week or on a rotational basis.


Shopping/Cooking: Weekly cooking/shopping, Science and Health Studies as part of Food Technology, Maths, Literacy, Science and Technology studies.


Sailing:                        Terms 1 & 4 (5 – 12 only)


P-12 School Camp:      Later Years Camp – Term 1

                                    Middle Years Camp – TBA

                                    Early Years Camp – TBA


RDA-                            Riding for the Disabled Association

                                    Terms 2 & 3 (Early Years only)