Newsletter 25th August, 2022.

From the Principal

The term continues to fly by quickly with lots of ‘light bulb’ learning moments in the classrooms. It is very rewarding to hear staff and students celebrating their learning as students grasp understandings and skills.

Teachers and ESS staff have all undertaken peer observations in the last couple of weeks to improve their practice. Teachers have focused on student engagement in the Numeracy classroom and our ESS staff have focused on verbal and non-verbal interventions in the learning environment. This involves staff filming their practice and seeking feedback from their peers on how they can improve their practice. Although initially staff can find this practice a little daunting, they agree it is very valuable.

All the students and staff are working hard on putting the finishing touches on their concert items that they will be performing next Wednesday evening. It will be exciting to have a chance to bring the community together to celebrate this wonderful event.

Parent survey information went home last week, it will be much appreciated if parents/guardians can complete the survey to give us some feedback in relation to the school. Please contact the school if you did not receive this information.

Keep up the good work everyone and take care,

Kylie Carter

Our School Concert

Our school concert is TONIGHT, Wednesday 31st August, at the Camperdown Theatre Royal.

Early Years News

Marvellous Mathmaticians

This week Lucy’s room have been working hard on improving our subtraction skills in maths. We have used a variety of games, watched some you tube videos and used different sided dice (up to 20 sided) to help. 

We use our number lines to help us to count backwards to get the correct answer. We have even started to challenge ourselves by not using the easy numbers (1,2,3,4,5) when taking away.

Imran thinks subtraction is hard.

Tyler thinks subtraction is easy.

Locky thinks subtraction is really good and he likes it lots.

Ashleigh thinks subtraction is easy.

Miles thinks subtraction is easy.

Riley thinks subtraction is very good.

Kye thinks subtraction is easy peasy.

Practical Mapping in Maths

Book week was a feature of the activities this week with a whole school approach to our celebration and students are continuing to learn about solids and liquids in connection with the Book week title; ‘Icebergs.”

The past few weeks, Lyn’s class have been learning about coordinates to plot location on maps and grids.  Jordy, Boyd, Toby and Brodie can be seen using their skills in a game situation to locate towns in the state of Victoria.  We have followed on in our learning to locate places in the world in an atlas.

Concert Preparations

The concert is well under way with all classes feverishly practicing and refining the acts.

Let’s face it, without the backstage helpers, there is no show. We are the silent (well maybe not so silent) achievers. 

We are the prop makers, backstage assistants, extras and front of house workers. We have been very busy painting, helping and generally being amazing.

Davey's Class News

This week students in Davey’s class have enjoyed celebrating book week. Students participated in a book week parade on Monday and enjoyed spending time with other students from across all areas of our school. 

It was nice to see so many students get involved with Monday’s festivities including our older students who helped some of the younger students with their allocated activities. We have been reading lots of books and talking about some of our favourites.

Later Years Update

Concert is coming up and the students have been preparing. We had a Zoom meeting with Free 3D Hands for Digitech and we met up with the whole school for Book Week.

This fortnight I did an Elephant art activity for book week. We had a zoom meeting with people who make hands with 3D printers. It was so cool. We cooked Egg and bacon pies in home economics. I did a good job, it tasted good. In Tegan’s class we did BTN News Break. My article was on farm goats. I liked doing the concert, I can’t wait for my Dad to see it. The Headspace people came and talked to us about Mental Health. In Sport we had a Netball clinic with Maddie. - Josh

We did some mindfulness with Jen. We read a book about a girl who doesn’t want to go to school. For inquiry we have been making boxes for our Pokémon pets to live in, we need to think about them having more space for them to live in. We have to look at their needs and wants and have printed some 3D water and food bowls for them. We have been doing Netball practice for the tournament next week and this week we started to learn about Lacrosse. - Billy

Book Week Inspired Artworks

It’s Book Week! There was a fantastic selection of picture books available to read to students and draw ideas from for artworks.

After reading and being inspired by the illustrations in the book ‘Iceberg’, students in Later Years created a seascape collage depicting an iceberg in the water and all the life that surrounds it. We used watercolour techniques, layering and collage. They look amazing!

Student's of the Week

Congratulations to our Students of the week.