Newsletter 11th August, 2022.

Principals Report

We are already halfway through what has been a very busy term 3. Thank you to all families who attended our recent SSG meetings to discuss this semester’s learning plans. Teachers will be in touch if you need to reschedule.

We waved our very excited Terang Campus students off to Blackwood Special Schools Outdoor Camp today, there were a few showers around as they departed but it was lovely to see the sun shine this afternoon. Hopefully, they will squeeze in all their scheduled outdoor activities. Students will arrive home tomorrow at approximately 2.30 and can catch the bus home as usual. Please feel free to pick your child up if you would like to but let the teacher know.

Middle Years students are also looking forward to a camp on the last 2 days of term and the Later Years students have a camp in fourth term. It is very exciting for all our students to be participating in camps again after the impact the pandemic has had.

Like all schools we continue to manage illness from both our staff and students, and we thank you for the effort everyone is making to keep our school safe. Please remember to notify the school if your child has tested positive to Covid or if they are going to be absent due to other illness.

Our students from the Cobden Campus will all be participating with the students from CTS in the Standing Strong – Bullying and Mental Health program which is presented by Headspace at the Cobden Technical School. This program will be very informative and beneficial for all our students. Thank you to Jen Finnerty our Mental Health Practitioner for organising this.

Keep up the good work everyone and take care

Kylie Carter

Early Years

Middle Years News

Over the past few weeks Davey’s and Lucy’s class have been creating an artwork together. The canvases took a few weeks to make and including using a LOT of masking tape! 

The students enjoyed creating patterns with the tape and then choosing some of our favourite colours to create this artwork. It is now on display in the middle years area.

Later Years Update

This Fortnight we have had SSGs with parents and been preparing for our upcoming Netball competition. Students participated in Winter sports and there is a buzz in the air about our camp.

I have been doing Passport to Employment, last time we talked about cyber safety with John and Brooke from the Police department. I go with Billy and Leetrix. Next week we are running around Warrnambool doing an Amazing Race. In Hands on Learning I have almost finished my Coffee Table. I only need to do one more coat and a clear coat and then I’m done. I am building a stand for my gaming console next. I played Wheelchair Basketball for Winter Sports-Connor


This fortnight I have spent time Rob from WDEA WORX, we went to the Little Acorn. I had a Hedgehog slice. We did cooking, I cooked Bangers and Mash. This week we did theory about Egg and Bacon Pies. In Sport I have been playing Netball, we did some passing games, I was good. I have almost finished my story, Cavity Connor. Cavity Connor had to go to the Dentist to have a tooth pulled out. I played Soccer for Winter Sports- Seamus


We had Winter Sports and I did pretty good. I played Football against Warrnambool, Portland and Hamilton students. I kicked about 7 goals. I wore my new Foot boots, they are pretty good to kick in. For Digitech we are doing 3D printing, I am learning how to make and build stuff on Makers Empire, I tried to make a drinker for my pet but I messed it up, I will do better this week. - Jye

Inspirational Posters

Later Years Students learnt techniques in lettering, to emphasise ‘stand out’ words in their inspirational posters. We focused on achieving balance and effective colour use in these fantastic posters. I hope you feel inspired by some of the quotes that the students chose to use in their work!

Students of the Week

Congratulations to our Students of the Week !!

Wellbeing - Friendship Day & Headspace Workshops

Headspace are visiting for 2 workshops.  Standing Strong: Bullying and Mental Health, for middle and seniors.  Also a session on Transitions: Leaving School which will be at 11am for seniors only.
Headspace School Flyer

Our School Concert

Our school concert is TONIGHT, Wednesday 31st August, at the Camperdown Theatre Royal.

Our Bank Account Details

We have a new school bank account.
Account Name:
Hampden Specialist School Bank Account
BSB: 063 000
Account Number: 1414 0244