Newsletter 16th June, 2022.

From the Principal

The new P-4 school in Terang has broken ground today, this is very exciting for our community with the promise of new built for purpose buildings accommodating the needs of all our students. The new facility will include 4 classrooms, a multipurpose room, much needed therapy, and meeting spaces just to mention a few of the facilities to look forward to.

On Wednesday we had Simon Dewar from Real Schools visit our classrooms to provide professional learning for our staff with managing our classrooms. The visit was well received by students and staff with many of us improving our teaching practice. Real Schools is a program the school has invested in over a 3 year period to support us in building the positive culture of our school.

Teachers are busy writing mid-year reports that will go home next Thursday, we are very proud of our students and the achievements that are making. The school sets high expectations for our students and they always rise to the challenge.

Last Thursday Horsham SDS staff visited our classrooms to observe our programs, they were interested in our academic program, planning models and our Instructional Model. They were very impressed with our students and their engagement in their learning.

Take Care

Kylie Carter

Later Years Report

This fortnight later years have been exploring Papua New Guinea in geography with Sandra Lee coming in as a guest speaking. We had visits from Horsham Special School and Simon from Real Schools to see how awesome we are and how hard we work to be the best of both worlds.

This fortnight at school I have been working with Rob from WDEA. Me and Kurtis went for a drive, we went up to the lookout near Campderdown and we talked about what we were going to do in the holidays. I did some budgeting on a house in Maths and I have been writing a story in English. We did Sounds Write and I am doing the /or/ sound. Yesterday I finished my last step on my horse mosaic.

  • Seamus

This fortnight I have been building Lego. In maths we are learning how to count on and draw data into graphs. With Gerri we are doing a poster about Anh Do, about vietnam and how they are trying to escape communists. We are learning about money. Im not looking forward to the holidays because I wont get to see my mates.

  • Connor


I am making a poster about Anh Do’s story called The Happiest Refugee . I am making a poster about a pirate ship, the pirates attacked Anh Do’s families boat. They we coming from Vietnam. At lunch I played with the drums. During Inquiry I am researching Bendy and the Ink Machine. In Maths I am learning about dollars. I am rich.

  • Patrick

Middle Years News

Davey’s Class

In the last fortnight we have been working on a range of different activities and skills including Kahoot design with some of the older students, indoor sports as well as robotics and technology. Students have really enjoyed using sphero robots to learn about technology and create their own movement-based games. As we fast approach the end of term, students are working to show what they have learnt through final activities and assessments. Keep up the good work Middle Years and well done on your effort so far.

Lucy’s Class

While the term is coming to a close our room has continued to work hard in all learning areas.  We enjoyed having some visitors from Horsham school to watch our Sounds Write sessions and we all worked hard to sound out our words to impress them. We have also been having a lot of fun in Warrnambool playing soccer with Raff, even last week getting the staff involved in the competition as well. We have also been practicing our fractions in maths so make sure to ask us if our food is cut into halves or quarters.

Leigh’s Class

Our room has been very business working on our Ancient Egypt diorama's. Students were encouraged to choose their own theme for this but the lure of the pyramids of Giza was strong with Molly being the only student who is attempting a burial tomb. 

In sport we have been working on our basketball skills with all students showing increased ball handling skills and teamwork.

Lyn’s Class

The Middle Years in Lyn’s class travelled recently to the primary campus and mentored the younger student’s by reading to them and guiding them through a “Sounds Write” session. The younger students really seemed to enjoy their time with their new ‘teachers’.

In science this week, we have finished our work on magnets, so the students were trialling different ‘forces’ by trying to make catapults to hit a target. They were very creative trying to get the greatest force to reach their target. Great experimentation.

Early Years Report

Art News

Middle Years students have been working with air drying clay in previous weeks, to complete their final Autumn inspired artworks…(even though Winter has well and truly arrived!) They are creating individual pieces, which will come together to create a collaborative masterpiece…stay tuned!

Students of the Week

School Holiday Activities

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