Newsletter 2nd June, 2022.

From the Principal

It is hard to believe we are half way through term 2 already, we have had a challenging term with COVID and the flu that is having an impact right across the community. Thank you for all our families who remain vigilant with keeping their children home when they are unwell. Please continue to RAT test your child if they have cold and flu symptoms and keep them home if they are sick, let your child’s teacher know when they will be absent.

Tomorrow Friday 2nd June there will be no school for students as teachers have a Professional Practice Day as part of their agreement. Staff will utilise this day to enhance their teaching practice. ESS staff are undertaking training in ‘Trauma Informed Practices’ that will deepen their knowledge of students that have experienced trauma and strategies for supporting these students.

During our last student free day on Monday 16th May all staff participated in a Numeracy professional Learning Day where the focus was on engaging disengaged and struggling learners in Mathematics through a ‘hands on approach’. The school have purchased the ‘hands on’ Numeracy toolkits for each classroom.

Students continue to work hard towards their goals and teachers are preparing to complete assessments and write reports.

Take care

Kylie Carter


Students of the Week

Education Week Feature

Middle Years News

Middle years have been at Activie Sportz demonstrating sportsmanship, persistence and teamwork.

Later Years Report

This week we went to the Warrnambool Art Gallery and tower hill. We took pictures of the landscape for Geography. We went to the Art Gallery to look at paintings of Tower hill from the 1850s. We had photo day. Last week Angela Daley came to talk to use about town planning. She works for the Shire as a town planner. At lunch I have been playing Basketball against Billy, he is really good. - Jye

I have been doing maths, I have been learning about different money and addition. I have been doing Sounds Write and reading. We are learning the /er/ sound. We do different activities depending on what Geraldine plans. We did Melas on Wheels last week. I took food out to people. It was for their lunch and dinner. I have speech with Merideth. I am learning to say the sounds I struggle with.- Ben

I have done Music class on Wednesday, it was pretty good. I am playing the guitar, we are making up our own songs. I have been making an inquiry poster on Eddsworld which is a webcomic / Youtube series. I went to Tower Hill on Friday, I got an ice-cream afterwards. We went to the Art Gallery to look at an old painting of Tower Hill, I loved the Art Gallery and I want to go back. - Daney

From Jen, our Mental Health Practitioner

For over 25 years National Reconciliation Week has been a time for all Australians to reflect on what they can do to advance reconciliation of the nation. 
This years theme is a challenge to all Australians – Be Brave Make Change. 

Be brave and tackle unfinished business of reconciliation so that we can make change for the benefit of all Australians.

This week at school we have been exploring our indigenous history and culture.

Hands On Learning

Middle Years Video

What will our school look like in 100 years.