Newsletter 16th November 2023

Early Years Report

Hampden Artworks at the Show!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s fabulous artworks on display at the Noorat Show this Saturday! Be sure to check out the student exhibition if you go along.
Davey’s class created mixed media pieces using foam printed leaves. They look amazing, well done!

Middle Year Swimming

Rememberance Day

Later Years Update


Batyr is an interactive preventative mental health programmes that came to HSS a couple of weeks ago and spoke with the senior students. 

With a focus on identifying tools you can use to support yourself and your wellbeing whilst being mindful of others mental health and how to support them as well.

Middle Year Ben Harkin Visit

This week Middle Years hosted Ben Harkin for a very informative and entertaining talk about resilience.

Ben talked about the fact that everyone is different and the only difference between people is the time it takes to do things.

He said that even though some things may take more time for certain people, it doesn’t mean that people should not attempt new things.

Ben said that a lot of things that he does now took a long time for him to learn but when he actually did things like scuba diving, driving, travelling the world and playing football, it was worth the time.

 His message about never giving up and being persistent were very inspiring.

Later Years Ben Harkin Visit

Ben Harkin came to our school this week and spoke with all the students. Ben is a local guy with a physical disability who does not allow his disability to stop him from doing anything. Ben has travelled the world, drives a car, has a lovely partner, teaching swimming and does public speaking. He is a great example to many on how to be resilient and to have a “can do “ attitude towards life.

Following his presentation Ben and his partner joined the senior boys at the Cobden lake for a walk and something to eat as part of international mens day.

You can follow Bens journey on facebook and Instagram by his social media name BEN THE BANDIT – Ben Harkin

Terang Swimming Club