Newsletter 19th October, 2023.

From the Principal

It is hard to believe we are heading into term 4 already after a very productive school year. It is delightful to hear staff rejoicing in the lightbulb moments for our students as they celebrate the success and growth of our students. Term 4 is often the term where we start to see the rewards of all the hard work of our students and staff. A strong contributor of this is the close attention our school has given ‘attendance’ this year. All our staff have had a strong focus on the importance of attending school, and our students and families have supported this focus with evidence of growth in student learning highlighting the focus. Our school has some of the strongest data in the area for attendance. Congratulations to all our families for sending your children to school each day. Many students are receiving attendance awards each week for attending 5 days per week, if you are at school you can learn!

The school is busily preparing data for our School Review in term 1 2024, schools undergo reviews every 4 years by the Education Department and this gives the school the opportunity to celebrate growth and strengths and define our challenge areas and build upon these to be the best school we possibly can be, we welcome family feedback on the good the bad and the ugly. As a school I feel we are open and transparent in our processors and encourage families to provide feedback on these practices.

I imagine moving forward the term will quickly fly by as we look forward to our year 12’s graduating, our Presentation of Awards Day, and other exciting extra-curricular activities to celebrate the end of year. Please keep an eye on the calendar and XUNO for upcoming events and excursions.

Take care,

Kylie Carter.

Early Years Report

Art Therapy

Art therapy has been proven to strengthen students emotional expression, self-esteem, and self-awareness.

During term 4 we will have 6 sessions, in a small group of a select older female students, with art therapist Jodie Honan.

We have had 2 sessions so far this term. In the first session we learnt how to make kinetic sand and how to use it as a calming strategy.

Today we learnt the art of using bubbles and ink to create patterns on different types of paper. The students found this very calming and had an enjoyable session where they were encouraged to express how they feel through art.

Tennis Tuesdays

For the last two Tuesday’s, Middle years have participated in a Tennis clinic. We have driven to the Cobden tennis courts for these sessions. During the clinic we have been learning how to hit the ball, practising hitting the ball up in the air, hitting back and forth with a partner and also doing some teamwork activities. The weather has been really nice for our Tennis sessions, it has been sunny and hot.

I like how we all work together. -Abby  

I’m looking forward to playing tennis once my foot is healed. -Chance

I like hitting the ball back over the net. -Thomas

I like doing rallies with Izayah. -Locky


Energy Breakthrough

Jordy, Miles and Brodie working together to pull pieces off the old go kart.

Energy Breakthrough

We got some timber delivered and cut. We got an old go kart to pull apart. We took the wheels off and we got some tents donated.

We made a model. His name is Stevie Jr. He is your crash dummy.

By Brodie Fleming  

Energy breakthrough

Stevie Jr model design

We used popsicle sticks, tape, beads, a pin, string to make him he is very cool We also made him a race track with tape but then we had to break it off.


Ash and I took photos of Brodie, Jordy and Miles working on the go-kart for energy breakthrough. I held the iPad for Ash while she pressed the photo button. We got a few good photos of them working and Sally also helped us.

Gathered materials

We had to gather some materials for Energy breakthrough. Teesh ordered timber from Parlour’s in Simpson and got it delivered and got some of it cut by Davey and Brad. Sally brought in old tents for when they go to Maryborough but they’re still in her car and she brought in old pool noodles that we can use. Brodie brought in his go kart so we could take parts off it for our go kart. 

Go kart parts removal

We have to pull the pushcart apart in 30 minutes when we do the trial in Maryborough. We have been pulling off old pieces from Brodies go kart and while we were pulling parts off, I would help by handing the team the tool they needed.

By Bonnie Kerr

We had timber donated and dropped off and cut by Brad and Davey. They cut it at school. We used some go kart parts from Brodie.

By Jordy Pillar

Lyns Class Activities

Later Years Update

Plastic Bottle Top Collection