Newsletter 5th October, 2023.

Our New Terang Campus

Lots of excitement this week as our Terang Campus Staff and Students spend their first week in our new building.
We will post a video of the students walking through the new school shortly.

As we sign off on one build for Hampden Specialist School we make one of the first steps of a very long process to begin our next build, our Middle years and Art areas.  Our container arrived yesterday so we can begin moving things out of the area ready for demolition in the Christmas break.

Australian Reef Animation

Lyn’s class have been working together on a stop motion animation based on Australian Reefs.
The finished film is almost complete and will be shown at a school assembly soon!

Early Years Report

Maths revision to kick off Term 4 in Davey’s Class

Welcome back to school. Everyone has had a restful break and now settling into Term 4. It’s great to see students trying their best in class and helping each other when needed.

Davey’s students have been doing maths revision to start off Term 4. Students are excited for a fun term in particular the upcoming swimming program. Our students have done a good job of settling back into their learning.

Australian States Presentation Projects

Students had researched information about the Australian States last term and presented them as a power point. Here are some photos of students presenting their projects.

Lyn is back from her long service leave and she was keen to see the work the students had done in term 3.  Each student presented their power point and read out the information about their chosen state.  Tahlia was happy to read about Victoria when Lyn pointed to the words.

Kye presented information on South Australia.

Gab presented information on New South Wales.

William presented information on Victoria.

Riley presented information on Tasmania.

Caleb presented information on Queensland.

Tahlia presented information on Victoria.

All the students proudly shared their work and completed a series of power point slides based on a research matrix created as a class group in early term 3.  Lyn was pleased to see the achievements of the class while she has been away.  Good work class!

Last Week of Term 3

The last week of term 2 was a frenzy of work. All students completed their project work which was a research assignment about a famous Artist.

I.T skills included sourcing appropriate information and photo’s of artworks. The students then had to design a poster that reflected the colours of their particular artist

All students completed this with minutes to spare.

All students did a fabulous job.

Later Years Update

Later Years Clothes Drive

October is Mental Health Month

In 2023, the theme for Mental Health Month is We all Have a Role to Play.

This Mental Health Month, think about ways you connect with the people around you. Together, we can work towards a world free from mental health stigma.

What role will you play?
• Amazing Ally
•Community Champion
•Incredible Individual
•School Superstar
•Workplace Wonder

As we reconnect, we are encouraging individuals, communities and organisations to thrive together. We recognize the difficulty in breaking down mental health stigma and are encouraging everyone to play an important role. Whether it is supporting a colleague, running a community event or educating yourself about the importance of mental health language, everyone can play a role.
Together we can create a safe place for those living with, supporting others and receiving mental health support.

I drew some games on the concrete today and the students enjoyed playing different games

The later years crew were lucky enough for Melody to bring in her fairy floss machine  for everyone to enjoy

Thank You !!

Thanks to the Cobden Uniting Church Op Shop for their Donation of $ 500.  Alex and Barb presented a cheque to Brad Adams our Hands on Learning teacher at the end of last term.
The funds will be used to purchase tools for the Hands on Learning program.  The hands on learning program gives the students the opportunity to use their 'hands-on' skills in different formats to give them experience which will assist them in preparation for the workforce.  Hands on Learning is a program that builds wellbeing, engagement, and attendance by creating opportunities for students to discover their talents and experience success.

Student Birth Certificate's

Upon an audit if our student records, we do not have copies of many Immunisation and Birth Certificate's for our students.  
We will send emails requesting these in the coming week but in the meantime, can you please give it a thought as to the location of these certificate's and/or how you might be able to get a copy to us.  Below are instructions on how to get a birth certificate online, or click here.  Immunisation certificates can be downloaded from your MyGov Medicare account. 

South West TAFE

Terang Athletic Club


Camperdown Little Athletics