Newsletter 23rd February, 2023

From the Principal

It is hard to believe we are quickly approaching the halfway mark of the term. Teachers have busily been writing Individual Education Plans in preparation for the SSG meetings on Monday. Please make sure you have booked your time through the XUNO app or arranged a suitable time with your child’s teacher. Students are required at the meetings as it is important they contribute to their goals.

The new school at Terang is progressing on budget and on time, the building is erected, windows are in and the brick work complete. I had the privilege of a walk through last Wednesday and it is very pleasing to see everything taking shape. This is a very exciting time for our P-4 campus with brand new much needed facilities. Expected completion date is 28th September 2023 if everything proceeds to plan, weather and supply shortages are the main reasons this target may not be met.

In line with the new building and strong parental, student, and staff opinion, we are considering changing the name of the school with the main intention being to exclude the term ‘Specialist’ from the name. We are calling on volunteers from our families, staff, and students to form a working group to begin this process. Please contact the office on 5595 1995 if you are interested.


Take care

Kylie Carter

Calming Corner


We have developed 2 areas in the school for students to access when they are finding it hard to settle/concentrate/self-regulate whilst in class.

It is an area for the students to spend maximum 5 minutes, where they can be alone and  practice self-regulation techniques eg breathing exercises, mindful colouring, sensory toys.

There are soft pillows and blankets of different textures for self-soothing.

The aim of the areas is to self-regulate, so the student can return to class as soon as possible and therefore continue to  learn.



-Teaches emotional regulation.

-Gives children self-awareness and self-management ( helps kids practice identifying feelings and practice calm down strategies)

-Helps control impulsive behaviour.

-Allows kids to feel OK with their big emotions.

-Add structure and consistency.

-Promotes self esteem.

-Helps prevent meltdowns.

-Helps kids develop stronger communication skills.

Early Years Report

Davey's Class

Handwriting in Davey’s class this fortnight.

In Davey’s class over the last two weeks we have done lot’s of handwriting. We have been focusing on making our handwriting as neat as we can. Students have been working on different parts of their handwriting and all have produced some nice work.

Later Years Update

Later Years Self Portraits

Later Years have started the year with printmaking techniques and what better topic to start us off than ‘Self Portraits!’. They have all done a fantastic job in capturing the contour lines within the face.

SSG Meetings

These meetings are set up so you can have some input into your child's learning goals and pathways.  It is an opportunity to discuss how you can best support your child in their learning at home and celebrate what your child has achieved so far. Book your SSG appointment here

On this day students are not required to attend for a normal day.  Appointment times can me made via Xuno so you can choose a suitable time to bring your child in for this very important meeting.

The topics that may be discussed at your meeting are: 
  • IEP Goals
  • Assessment results/types of assessments
  • Advice on our Numeracy focus
  • Information about our Mental Health Practitioner and her role 
  • Discuss the Tutor learning Initiative if it is suitable for your child
  • Timetable: Classes at base school
  • Xuno: Signing in and basic use, check if parents need any assistance.
  • Behaviour and classroom success’, concerns & management plan
  • Attendance
  • Rapid tests- do you need more, how is it going?

Privacy Collection Notice

Privacy Collection Notice
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Shift the Focus


Please contact the office if you are interested in having input into the change of our school name.