Newsletter 15th December, 2022

From the Principal

I would like to thank all our families for your ongoing support to the school and your children. When we work together it means great success and growth for our students. Congratulations to our students that have made amazing progress this year, academically, socially and more importantly this year than any other emotionally. Our students are amongst the most resilient group of people I have ever met, not much fazes them, you will see persistence, determination, and grit daily. Our students face challenges head on and are renowned for bouncing back after setbacks. As adults there is a lot we can learn from these amazing young people. Once again, thank you to our families for the happy, enthusiastic learners you send to school each morning.

Our student success is also due to our amazing staff who all go above and beyond any role description to make our school, the best, safest place it can be for our students. Our staff know the students extremely well and respond to their needs with care, kindness, and respect. Thank you to all our staff for the amazing job you have done this year, I feel this year has been tougher than most including the 2 COVID years. Staff have managed the challenge of staff shortages and sickness by working together to cover classes and make sure our students still have the best learning opportunities. Working for each other and together has always been a strong marker of the culture at Hampden but I feel this year it has been our anchor. The team of staff at Hampden are the most dedicated, committed group of people you will ever meet, this is not just a job to our staff, they are constantly thinking about our families and our school and how we can make it better! I don’t think you can ask for more than that!

Thank you to our wonderful bus drivers who make sure our students get to school safely every day, there have been lots of changes this year and everyone has been great in working together to continue this most valued service, we would be lost without you.

I would like to say thank you to all the hard work by our School Council, President Anthony O’Connor, D’arne Paton, Emma Hamilton, Kayleen Wright, Kristie Simpson and Paul Lyons. Our school council want the very best for our school and learners and it is always evident in their decision making that this is there number 1 priority.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to our brilliant students, thank you for making me smile or laugh every day even when I shouldn’t!

Thank you for the lessons you teach me in persistence and resilience.

Thank you for inspiring me to make Hampden the best school we can.

Thank you for reminding me that Friday is lolly day, you never let me forget that one!

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year, stay safe and look after each other😊

Kylie Carter

Early Years Report

Elf Mayhem in Lucy's Room

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas From Middle Years!

Well, our mini golf and mini trains day end of year wind up didn't going quite according to plan!  Here are the first few minutes of the students playing a hole with their group just before it bucketed down! 

The good news is that next year we will have another mini golf and mini trains day for the students in term 1 to make up for our wet day lost.  Many thanks Bob and Gary and the volunteers for this make up day.
Transition Day saw lots of activities happening across the campus.  Here are a couple of shots of our students having some fun with a science experiment.

Hope everyone has a great holiday break and a very Merry Christmas.  We look forward to seeing our returning students, old and new next year!

Middle Years Staff.

Later Years

This week we said goodbye to our graduates. We completed many Christmas craft activities due to the terrible weather causing our plans to change.



Here are some of our graduates’ final thoughts on their experience at        Hampden.


My last week has been good. I will miss everyone at Hampden. I’m looking forward to work placement at IGA.


My last week has been alright. Not the best, but it is what it is. I will miss going to school. I am looking forward to living with some independence and working.


Brad made me do some school work. I have enjoyed school.

I will miss Tegan, Leah and Sally. And everyone.

I am excited to live in Warrnambool.

Farewell to Isaac

Transition Day and End of Year Gifts

This week in the art room, we have been working like busy elves at Christmas time, to finish off our end of year artworks and gifts to take home! Middle Years students will be bringing home their art bags with completed work, hand painted pots and festive wreaths. I hope families enjoy these.

Later Years students enjoyed working in their new classes on transition day. Everyone got along well, and we managed to complete some striking artworks using text. I look forward to working with you all again next year! Have a great break.

Wellbeing - What is Gratitude ?

What Is Gratitude

“The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

Gratitude is when we express appreciation and thanks for the good things in our lives. We can be thankful for the things we receive, the people who surround us, and the fun things we get to experience and do.

Gratitude goes much deeper than just saying please and thank you; it’s a mindset, one that you can develop and cultivate

Teaching children an attitude of gratitude, in a nutshell, is helping them look at different situations from a positive point of view instead of a negative one.

The bottom line:

Gratitude is believed to be one of the healthiest emotions that humans can practice.

 This week we talked about GRATITUDE  with the students and made a Gratitude Wreath. Where each student  looked at what they are grateful for in their world, community, body and family.



Monster Raffle Winners!!

Congratulation to the winners of our Monster Raffle !!
1st - Melinda Drysdale
2nd - Jodie Alexander
3rd - Sam Raven

We would like to thank everyone for supporting our school by buying and selling the raffle tickets.  A huge thank you to Kristie & Dean Simpson who are Kye and Iris' Family for donating the wonderful prizes.

Please return all unsold tickets to the office so we can mark them off our list.  We are happy for you to pop them in your students bag for a safe return in the new year.

Billy Buck drew all our lucky winners !

Cobden Christmas