Newsletter 1st December, 2022.

From the Principal

Today we celebrated our Presentation of Awards, there were lots of excited very deserving winners. However, there are also lots of students that have worked extremely hard throughout the year that did not receive awards. Unfortunately, not everyone can receive an award on this day but please know that we see you! Staff love sharing student achievements and progressions with each other, we find it satisfying and fulfilling, we know how hard you all work and hope you are all very proud of all that you have achieved.

Tonight we farewell 5 of our year 12 students at the Year 12 Graduation night celebrated at the Cobden Golf Club. This is a night of reflection and celebration, we are very proud of how far these young people have progressed over the years. Lilly joined us in year prep and we have watched her grow and flourish into a social butterfly, Cori & Zerik joined us in year 2 and both have managed lots of mischief over the years but here before us today are two very successful young men that have both gained their licence and a job in the mainstream community. The quiet young man that is Kurtis joined us when he was in year 8, Kurtis is well respected amongst staff and students with his lovely gentle nature, and he is looking forward to a career in farming. Seamus joined us last year and instantly captured all around him with his quirky sense of humour and clever wit.

Thank you to all the hard work by staff and families that make these events possible.

Take Care

Kylie Carter

2022 Awards Presentation Video

Later Years Update

This Fortnight we had our first transition day. Toby, Molly, Caleb and Cambell had their first classes with us working with Geraldine. The day went well and the students enjoyed themselves. We moved into riding out for bike ed around the block and over some jumps. 

The students finished off their cushions and have been preparing for Graduation on Thursday. We have wrapped up our Maths focus with some great results.

Bike Ed:  

“We did a ride into town and learnt some new tricks, the best bit was learning to ride across the roads” – Melody

“I rode over some dirt jumps, they were scary for some kids”- Billy


“Making cushions is really hard but my cushion is looking really good. Mine has patterns on it with buttons” -Jye

“I am making a 79 series Landcruiser pillow, it is kind of difficult because you have to make a 3D version of  a car” -Isaac



“In maths I am pretty good at subtraction now, I had to subtract numbers, I learnt how to borrow” -Michael

“I have got better at subtraction, I can do it without help” - Andrew

Middle Years Friday outings.

Visit to the Warrnambool Library and Camperdown Gardens.

The Middle Years group enjoyed a trip to the Camperdown Gardens last Friday where we took in some nice views of Camperdown and surrounds. We were lucky to receive some very nice weather on the day which made for a lovely walk around the garden. Students enjoyed a treat of some hot chips while we were at the gardens and also a picnic lunch. It was great to see our students enjoying the outdoors and doing a great job of representing our school.
Well done.

Fun in Lucy’s room

Over the last few weeks we have had lots of fun heading to a few different excursions. We visited the brand new Warrnambool library and explored the awesome building and went for a walk to Lake Petrobe playground where we had some fun on the equipment. 

We have also visited the Camperdown Botanic gardens and enjoyed a plate of hot chips before going for a short walk. We were also lucky enough to have a little kitten visitor in our classroom!

Here are our highlights.

KYE – My favourite excursion was going to Warrnambool. I liked using the walkie talkies and visiting Lucy’s dad’s campervan!

IMRAN – My favourite excursion was going to Warrnambool. I liked the park the best because I went on the trampolines.

TYLER – My favourite excursion was going to Warrnambool. I liked the walk to Lake Petrobe but it took ages and I got hot!

LOCKY – My favourite excursion was going to the gardens in Camperdown. I liked how we went on a guided walk with all the classes.

ASHLEIGH – My favourite excursion was Camperdown. I liked seeing all the flowers.

MILES –  My favourite excursion was the Warrnambool Library. I liked that it had elevators and a big staircase.

RILEY – My favourite excursion was going to Warrnambool. I liked the library the best cause it had elevators.

Fun in Middle Years Video

Early Years Report

Weaving Magin in the Artroom

Lucy and Davey’s classes have completed their final artworks for the term, with a bird inspired ‘mixed media’ piece incorporating weaving, sewing, collage and clay. Everyone worked so hard on these pieces and the finished results clearly demonstrate their efforts!

As you can see from the smiling faces in the photos, the students really enjoyed the process and felt so proud of their end results. Well done to these students.

Monster Raffle Winners!!

Congratulation to the winners of our Monster Raffle !!
1st - Melinda Drysdale
2nd - Jodie Alexander
3rd - Sam Raven

We would like to thank everyone for supporting our school by buying and selling the raffle tickets.  A huge thank you to Kristie & Dean Simpson who are Kye and Iris' Family for donating the wonderful prizes.

Please return all unsold tickets to the office so we can mark them off our list.  We are happy for you to pop them in your students bag for a safe return in the new year.

Billy Buck drew all our lucky winners !